Cosmetic Dentistry

At Old Kent Road Dental Studio, we fully appreciate the importance of a healthy and attractive smile. It is our aim to provide you with a smile you will be proud to show off, and in so doing, help increase your self-confidence and self esteem.

Tailored to all needs and budget, we offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental treatments that include; white fillings, teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, veneers.

If you suffer a lack of confidence resulting from any of the following, you may wish to consider cosmetic dentistry:

  • Stained/ discoloured teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Uneven teeth/ gaps
  • Unsightly fillngs, crowns or bridges
  • Cracked/ transparent teeth
  • Crossed over/ crooked teeth

If you are unsure about whether cosmetic dentistry is for you, why not book a consultation to discuss your options.